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Installing Solar Panels on a Thatched Roof

Composite Image | Solar Panel & Engineered Thatch In recent years, the world has experienced a growing concern for the environment and the


3 Reasons Highly-Successful Businesses choose Endureed

Sitting in the office of Rick Schwartz, President of the Nashville Zoo, one begins to understand his passion for his work. Hundreds of


Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs…Oh My!

As you caravan through grazing giraffes, splashing hippos and quaint African huts, you engage in the safari experience of a lifetime. However, you


Magagascar Giant Palms On Verge Of Extinction

People too regularly think that natural palm thatch is environmentally friendly, just because it's compostable. The truth is, by the time it's sprayed


Choosing Regions Series Thatch Shingles For Commercial Buildings

Designers of commercial buildings are choosing Endureed Regions Series synthetic thatch to appeal to the growing pool of eco-conscious consumers. The beauty and


Benefits Of Green Building Strategies

When designers integrate green building strategies into their projects, they maximize environmental performance. Plus, they maximize economic performance. Plenty of other benefits also

Carriage House Roofing - Endureed Synthetic Thatch

How Long Does A Natural Thatched Roof Last On A Home?

You will hear people say that a thatch roof made of natural water reed will last four or five decades. That sounds impressive,


Protect From Wind Uplift: Durable Thatch With Patented, Stainless Steel Crimp Binding

We've discussed wind uplift in previous blog posts. Wind uplift happens when high winds come into contact with a building and pit pressure


Roofing Flaws Exposed By Hurricane-Force Winds

High winds from hurricanes regularly expose roofing flaws like insufficient bracing or shingles installed without wind zone concern. Actually, hard data indicates that


Roof Replacement Post-Hurricane: Requirements In ‘High Velocity Hurricane Zones’

Hurricane Lane's destruction in Hawaii has many searching for roof replacements suitable for High Velocity Hurricane Zones. As background, we'd like to explain


3 Thatch Roofing LIES!

We get it! You often try to incorporate thatch roofing in your design concepts, bids, or in your personal DIY projects. You’re either


Artificial Thatch With A 20-Year Warranty

We've sold artificial thatch for almost two decades. Endureed artificial thatch is a strong, beautiful product which makes it easy to offer our 20-year