What About Manufacturing Workers’ Exposure To Thermoplastics?

plastic manufacturing

When people think of plastics, they often associate negative health risks. This is true of some types of plastics even still. As we’ve mentioned before though, our Regions series synthetic thatch products consist of an incredibly stable thermoplastic. It’s the safest plastic available.

Decades ago, before Endureed products were even a thought, there were health and safety issues for manufacturing workers exposed to chemicals during the manufacturing of these types of plastics. It’s unfortunate that that exposure ever happened and that there was no foresight for their safety. Still, these risks are no longer there for manufacturing plant workers involved in the process of making many types of plastics, including the thermoplastic used in the formula for our Regions series products. See, decades ago, after an increase risk of disease was found only among production workers exposed to very high concentrations of molecules formed during the manufacturing process, measures were quickly taken to reduce exposure 1,000-fold. Since those worker-safety changes were implemented, zero occurrences of that disease were found among manufacturing plant workers in this field again.

Plus, since that time, worker safety measures have only increased over the decades. From the initial manufacturing of raw materials to the end of our products’ lifespan through recycling, they are incredibly safe and environmentally responsible. They are absolutely a green building material.

Also, remember that Regions series synthetic thatch shingles feature extreme chemical resistance. It won’t break down the way general-purpose plastics like PE, PP or PS will when exposed to other chemicals. It’s incredibly stable. It also won’t cause pollution from run-off, it’s safe in a fire (with no generation of toxic hydrogen cyanide compounds or aldehyde compounds from combustion) and it 100 percent of our product materials can be safely recycled.

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