aging natural thatched roof with damage and moss

6 Common Problems With Aging Natural Thatched Roofs

Natural thatch roofing has been used throughout human history for thousands of years due to the ease with which materials can be acquired

tropical building with thatch roofing surrounded by trees

The Past and Future of Thatch Roofing

Thatch roofing is one of the few timeless inventions that humankind has enjoyed through thousands of years of our shared history. Today, and

group of people holding a small plant to symbolize how engineered thatch promotes corporate sustainability

How Does Engineered Thatch Help Meet Corporate Sustainability Goals?

In recent years, many companies throughout the world are seeking ways to incorporate sustainable practices into their organization. This comes as no surprise

viva palm and engineered thatch on poolside buildings

VIVA Palm or Premium Engineered Thatch: Which Should You Choose?

At Endureed, our engineered thatch products are developed in-house in order to provide residential and commercial clients alike with the highest quality roofing

engineered thatch roof enduring harsh weather

Should You Install Engineered Thatch In Regions With Harsh Weather?

Regions of the world with harsh weather conditions need to take special precautions around the type of building materials they utilize. Especially considering

poolside resort thatch roofing material caught in large fire

Flame-Resistant Roofing: Premium Engineered Thatch

A flame-resistant roofing system is critical for protecting your business or commercial property from the destructive and dangerous effects of a fire. More

Engineered Thatch Roofing an Alternative to Asphalt Shingles

Engineered Thatch Roofing: an Alternative to Asphalt Shingles

Selecting the correct roofing material is among residential and commercial buildings' most important design choices. To ensure the best choice for your home’s

Synthetic Thatch on Beach | Palma Sintetica

How is VIVA Engineered Thatch Palm Installed?

VIVA engineered thatch is a perfect solution for nearly all roofing needs, offering high insulation, weather, fire, pest resistance, and a long lifespan.

Hurricane-Proof Your Roof Why Engineered Thatch Is a Wise Choice

Hurricane-Proof Your Roof: Why Engineered Thatch Is a Wise Choice

High-quality buildings are built to last and withstand any weather. Similarly, a real estate investment is only as good as the material used

Thatch Roofing Myths Debunked The Truth About Engineered Thatch Durability

Thatch Roofing Myths Debunked: The Truth About Engineered Thatch Durability

You’ve probably heard of thatch roofing: it’s been a staple of building and home roofing materials for thousands of years! As popular and

Engineered Thatch vs Tile: Roofing Reimagined

Engineered Thatch vs Tile: Roofing Reimagined

When it comes to roofing, the choice of materials can make all the difference, not only in a home's durability and protection but

Can I Use Thatch Roofing on My Home?

Can I Use Thatch Roofing on My Home?

In the world of innovative roofing, one name stands out - Endureed. The company, born out of a spirited project at Disney's Animal