Endureed products are easy to install and are similar to installing an asphalt shingle roof. Most roofing contractors and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts can install any Endureed thatch roofing shingle system. If you’re interested in using a professional roofing contractor please contact us for our approved list of installers. Check out or Regions and VIVA Palm installation videos to learn more.

Yes. Many customers have used Endureed in heavy snow areas as well as tropical areas.

Endureed thatch roofing products are Florida Product Approved with a wind rating up to 200 mph. They have survived category 5 hurricanes and even tornadoes.

No. Unlike natural thatch, Endureed products are infestation resistant to birds, bats, snakes and bugs

Endureed is non flammable, receiving a Class A Fire Rating and a British Class AA. Watch our fire test video to see for yourself.

Endureed will provide decades of maintenance free roofing with a 20 year guarantee. A patented formula protects your roof against rotting, decay, color fading and the inclements of extreme weather conditions.

Endureed products can be used on all project types and sizes. Endureed has been used on everything from world-class resorts to residential homes and everything in between.

The cost of an Endureed thatch roof varies based on your project size, location and other factors. Contact a thatch expert today to get a customized estimate for your project.

While a natural thatch roof may cost you less initially, an Endureed roof is a quality long-term investment. Endureed delivers the beauty of natural thatch without the natural problems or additional annual costs of a natural thatch roof so you can save time and money with a maintenance and worry-free roof.