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Florida Product Approved Thatch Roofing

Florida building code
Florida Product Approved Thatched Roofing

Did you know Florida has one of the strictest building codes in the world? The Florida Product Approval was created to help reduce the risk of hurricane damage on building structures throughout the state. This prestigious approval requires products to undergo a rigorous testing schedule in order to ensure they meet certain compliance standards set forth by the Florida Building Code including wind, rain, uplift, impact, nail pullout and pressure ratings.

If you’re searching for a roofing solution that meets Florida Building Code, Endureed thatch products are Florida Product Approved with a wind rating up to 200 mph. Don’t let the risk of hurricanes and inclement weather stand in your way from bringing your design vision to life. A roofing solution that holds a Florida Product Approval, guarantees your roof will withstand extreme wind conditions giving you a worry-free roof you will be proud of for years to come.


About Florida Product Approval

In October 2003, the Florida Product Approval was developed in response to the state’s vulnerability to hurricanes. Because roughly 40% of hurricanes that make landfall on the US east coast hit Florida, the state has some of the most stringent building codes across the country.

The Florida Building Code requires buildings to have products rated for winds up to 111 mph. In homes in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), the requirement was raised to have products rated for winds up to 130 mph. A Florida Product Approval guarantees products are able to withstand these harsh wind conditions and are suitable for use throughout the state.

Since the adoption of the Florida Building Code, there has been a dramatic impact on reducing hurricane damage and losses. The code has helped protect property investments and has saved insurers in mitigation costs linked to natural disasters. Plus, the state of Florida updates the code every three years for continuous improvement.

Endureed: Roofing for Extreme Weather Conditions

Endureed received a Florida Product Approval (#FL210047) in 2016, becoming the only synthetic thatch in the world to have gone through the rigorous testing schedule to gain approval. Built with durable materials, Endureed shingles are able to withstand extreme weather conditions including category 5 hurricanes.

With a Florida Product Approval, Endureed thatch products help mitigate hurricane damage while adhering to the Florida Building Code. Because Endureed is designed with extremely durable materials, it has been the product of choice for authentic thatch roofing projects across the globe. With a 20-year warranty and no maintenance required, you can build a stronger roof with the confidence that it will withstand hurricanes and strong winds.

Want to use a Florida Product Approved thatched roofing solution for your next project? Contact a thatch roofing expert today at (877) 784-2824 or get a quick quote and get a thatched roof you are proud of!