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What is the Best Thatched Roofing Material?

The history of thatched roofing goes back thousands of years, with techniques and materials as old as housing itself. For as long as

Engineered thatch

7 Reasons to Switch from Natural Thatch to Endureed Engineered Thatch

Thatch roofing is a stunning design choice that instantly adds charm to any type of building, but what the thatch is made out

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3 Tips for Choosing Thatch Roofing Material

Thatched roofs evoke stunning images of exotic destinations and casual relaxation and thatched roofing materials can transform any building into a luxurious getaway.


Synthetic Thatch Roofing Questions

Thinking about using synthetic thatch roofing materials for your next project? We understand dealing with thatch roofing can be overwhelming, which is why


How to Build a Wind-Resistant Thatch Roof

On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas. Dorian sustained wind speeds of 185 mph, becoming the strongest hurricane on


Why You Should Invest in a Synthetic Thatched Roof

What’s one of the most important components of any structure? HINT: If done correctly, it prevents the worry of risk or maintenance! Your


Synthetic Thatch Fireproof Roofing

One of the biggest factors to consider when using natural thatch is the risk of fire. Thatched roofs are more vulnerable to fire


Endureed Products Are Proudly Made in the USA

Endureed has been the product of choice for synthetic thatch roofing materials on projects across the world. From high-end resorts to backyard tiki


The Benefits of Synthetic Thatch vs. Natural Thatch

Authenticity Durability  Are you ready to use Endureed for your next project? Contact a thatch roofing expert today at (866) 891-1509 or fill out


4 Tendencias De Arquitectura Verde

La arquitectura verde es una nueva tendencia que ha dado a luz el fomento por generar nuevas ideas que tengan un carácter sostenible


Palma Sintética Aprobada Por El Código de Producto de Florida

¿Sabías que Florida tiene uno de los códigos de construcción más estrictos en el mindo? El Código de Aprobación de Producto de Florida

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Florida Product Approved Thatch Roofing

Did you know Florida has one of the strictest building codes in the world? The Florida Product Approval was created to help reduce