Why You Should Invest in a Synthetic Thatched Roof

cost of synthetic thatch roof

What’s one of the most important components of any structure? HINT: If done correctly, it prevents the worry of risk or maintenance! Your roof! It is one of the biggest investments you can make as it protects you against natural risks and adds value to your property. If your design calls for a thatched roof, you might think natural thatch roofing materials are your best option. And while a natural thatched roof may cost less initially, you could end up spending thousands of extra dollars on maintenance and insurance costs.

That’s why we created a cost-effective synthetic thatch alternative. Endureed thatch is a quality-long term investment that delivers the beauty of natural thatch without any added costs. You will see a return on your initial investment within a few years of installation! Avoid the stress of a natural thatched roof and start saving money with Endureed.

Thatched Roof Costs Over 20 Years

While natural thatched roofs are initially less expensive, they come with continual costs. They are maintenance-intensive and require regular rethatching, pest control, flame retardant applications, and patching. These added costs don’t reflect your initial investment and end up costing you more money in the long run.

With a natural thatched roof, you will also pay more for insurance premiums. Most insurance companies prefer to insure properties that are low-risk to structural damages. Companies that do offer coverage usually charge hefty premiums because of the inherent risks.

Endureed products are a low-risk synthetic thatch alternative designed to save you money. Made with the durability of a commercial-grade product, Endureed synthetic thatch is maintenance-free, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your roof once it’s installed. You can eliminate the need for pesticides, chemical flame retardants, and additional maintenance. Plus, Endureed products are easily insurable.

For example, one client, in Guatemala, switched a 700 square meter (approximately 7,500 square feet) natural thatched roof to VIVA Palm. By eliminating the need for maintenance and high-insurance premiums (which were decreased by 50%), they will save a total of $140,000 over 20 years with VIVA Palm!

Thatched Roof costs over 20 years.
Average thatched roof costs over 20 years for a client in Guatemala.

Invest in a Synthetic Thatched Roof

Your roof is an essential component to your home and is one of the biggest investments you can make. You deserve to save money and enjoy your investment for decades without any worries. Endureed provides durable, authentic synthetic thatch roofing materials so you can be proud of your investment. Plus, with a 20-year guarantee, you can enjoy your thatched roof for decades (and avoid the extra cash out of your pocket).

Save money and invest in your future with Endureed. Call (866) 891-1509 to talk to one of our thatch experts today or fill out our Quick Quote form below to get started!