Cost Of Applying Flame Retardant To Natural Thatch

Bromine Flame Retardants

Have you ever wondered just how much it costs to apply flame retardant to a natural thatch roof? Keep in mind when factoring in prices, most Class A flame retardant chemicals require reapplication to natural thatch roofs every two years. On average, when comparing a variety of different chemical solutions for minimizing thatch roof fire risks and complying with building codes, you’ll need to apply three coats to your thatch roof every two years. That will give you satisfactory coverage of the flame retardant chemical to comply with building codes.

The financial cost of this is around $60 per 150 square feet of roof. For a roof that with a mere 5,000 square feet of surface area, you’re looking a c couple thousand dollars every two years just to make sure it doesn’t catch fire! That’s on top of the $10 per square foot costs of changing out palm fronds as needed when they rot or blow out of place.

Look, there is no reason for these costs or this hassle. Endureed offers the most durable, aesthetically pleasing synthetic thatch roofing product on the market today. It is Class A fire rated for its entire life, from the moment it leaves our warehouse.

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Designers, business owners and homeowners are often shocked to learn that high-quality synthetic thatch roofs are more economical than even natural thatched roofs. Our products offer every advantage over natural thatching, including fiscal responsibility. Endureed synthetic thatch roofs become less expensive than natural thatch a few years after installation.

Using a synthetic thatch by Endureed is not just cost-effective, and substantially easier to work with, it’s also the greener option.  If you’re intersted in the cost-savings and want to learn more about the cost comparison between our synthetic thatch roofs and natural thatch roofs, check out this previous blog post.