Fire Ratings on Thatch Roofs - Endureed Synthetic Thatch

If you’re a business owner who needs a new roof for your commercial building, you may have spotted some materials with specific classifications. For example, a Class A rating means roofing materials such as synthetic roofing has undergone rigorous testing to determine it is in the top tier of fire-resistant materials.

If you plan to use a synthetic roof for your location, a Class A fire rating tells you your new roof can resist the spread of fire on the surface of your roof and keep it from spreading. A synthetic roof adds an additional layer of protection when the material has a Class A rating. Most synthetic shingles receive a Class A fire rating.

In addition to fire resistance, synthetic roofing materials last twice as long as roofing products such as asphalt shingles. In some instances, synthetic roofs last up to 100 years. If you couple that with a Class A fire rating, you’re looking a no maintenance roof that doesn’t spread fire while adding protection from outside fires. Additionally, synthetic roofs protect your building from harsh weather and withstand high winds.

Does Your Building Need a Synthetic Thatch Roof?

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