Artificial Thatch With A 20-Year Warranty

20-Year Warranty

We’ve sold artificial thatch for almost two decades. Endureed artificial thatch is a strong, beautiful product which makes it easy to offer our 20-year warranty. We’ve proved that our artificial thatch is durable and resilient. Our 20-year warranty doesn’t just cover rot and decay, it even covers fading!

We are proud to be able to say that we are one of the only artificial thatch companies with no warranty claims in the last 15 years, even though we offer a warranty period that is superior to many artificial thatch manufacturers’ warranties.

We have nearly two decades of proven dependability. Only Endureed’s Regions and Viva products come with a 100% worry-free promise. Our premium artificial thatch is made from the highest-quality materials. It’s fireproof, fade-proof, and maintenance-free. All of our products protect your investment for decades. We sell directly to the end user and offer design, purchasing, and installation support.

Our artificial thatch sells at a fair cost that’s comparable to any competitor. We’re the only artificial thatch partner with more than a decade using the same products. And with no warranty claims during that entire period, that speaks volumes about our products’ durability and resilience.

Artificial Thatch To Realistically Replicate Any Thatch

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Capetown– A trimmed, coarsely textured, longer reed. Replicates African Yellow Grass or “Cape Reed” that replicates the typical African style thatching.

Kilimanjaro– A heavy reed replicating a traditional weathered, Tanzanian cape reed roof.

Somerset– A closely tapered,  slightly weathered appearing shingle. Replicates a typical, hand trimmed European thatching.

Kona– A combination of wide leaf and smaller grass reed. Replicates the look of Hawaiian “Pili Grass” and Asian Alang-Alang grass thatching.

Dominica– A synthetic palm leaf style thatching. Replicates palm leaves commonly used in tropical regions throughout the world.

Bali– A finer, loosely tapered, slightly longer shingle designed to resemble the appearance of East Asian grass thatching.

Viva Series– An especially economical synthetic palm thatch.