Synthetic thatch fire tests comparison video

Resorts, museums and other businesses must ensure their thatched roofs are flame-resistant. If you choose a natural thatch roofing material, you commit to the use of chemical flame retardants. You commit to regular treatment and regular inspection of your roof. Each treatment of a natural thatch requires permits. Plus, each treatment increases the actual cost of the roof.

Thatched-Roof Look With No Flame Retardant

Through engineering and artistry, a natural looking thatch option exists. Endureed synthetic thatch roofs look like natural thatch. You get the look you want without repeated flame retardant applications.

Look, businesses simply must follow local fire code rules. Yet, natural thatch roof owners can’t comply without repeated chemical treatments. In most municipalities, even some other synthetic thatch won’t pass a fire inspection. Endureed excels at resisting flames when put to fire tests. Chemical treatments are never required. Install it and forget it.

Endureed Roofs Require No Flame Retardant Applications

Endureed’s synthetic thatch is flame-resistant. We designed it extremely resistant to flames for your safety and the safety of your customers. Business owners can rest assured. You get the natural thatch ambiance you desire with none of the hassle or chemical exposure from repeated applications of flame retardants on your own grounds.

Author: Endureed