Why Choose Endureed Synthetic Thatch?

Artificial Thatch Endureed is the world’s #1 thatch roofing company. Our thatch is preferred by clients worldwide. You’ll find Endureed synthetic thatch on structures around the globe. Endureed sits atop structures from 5-star resorts and theme parks to tiki huts and residential homes. All of us at Endureed, from the executives to the marketing team, take pride in the quality and unsurpassed beauty of our products. We are the original synthetic thatch roof manufacturers and we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Endureed synthetic thatch products are cost-effective, realistic, and supremely durable. We offer an outstanding 20-year warranty. More than that though, we are incredibly proud to say that none of the products we sell have ever had a warranty claim. See, warranties are great. Yet, when clients get products so resilient that they don’t even have to deal with the hassles of a warranty claim… Well that’s even better. Wouldn’t you say?

Reasons People Choose Endureed Synthetic Thatch

People choose our original thatch for a myriad of reasons from aesthetics to long-term financial concerns. So, here’s just a few more of the many reasons why each of us at Endureed are so proud of our products:
  • Endureed products outperform the competition as flame-resistant synthetic thatch in fire safety tests. Our synthetic thatch products offer low thermal conductivity.
  • All of our synthetic thatch products excel in “severe hail resistance” tests.
  • Our synthetic thatch is made from 100% recyclable materials.
  • Endureed’s PVC and HDPE formulas do not degrade. This means that they won’t cause toxic run off, unlike lesser quality plastics and chemically-treated natural thatch.
  • Endureed’s high molecular weight (HMW) HDPE formula offers a highly crystalline structure. It’s a a non-reactive thermoplastic which makes it environmentally-friendly.
  • Endureed synthetic thatch can withstand even hurricane-force winds.
  • Our materials do not fade with UV exposure. In fact, Endureed HDPE materials far surpass the Automotive Industry UV exposure standards for fade resistance.
  • Our products help hospitality businesses earn respect from their clients through LEED Certification. Besides just encouraging operating cost savings, LEED certification has been proven to increase per room revenue for hotels.
  • Our synthetic thatch offers a good R-value far superior to other roofing options.
These are just some of the outstanding qualities.

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