Engineered thatch

7 Reasons to Switch from Natural Thatch to Endureed Engineered Thatch

Thatch roofing is a stunning design choice that instantly adds charm to any type of building, but what the thatch is made out of matters more than you might think. Authenticity is important of course, but over the years, natural thatch roofing (the kind made from actual plants and trees) has proven to be unsafe and less than durable. Not to mention the mess it leaves (dried plant material sheds a lot), the critters it attracts (think bugs, snakes, and rodents!), the general cost of upkeep (organic matter tends to break down quickly when exposed to the elements), and the depletion of natural resources it causes.

So what other option is there? Endureed engineered thatch.

Endureed engineered thatch is a synthetic thatch gives you a beautiful, natural looking, high-quality thatch roof that can replicate styles from anywhere in the world without the hassle experienced with natural thatch. Your home, palapa, bar, hotel, resort, restaurant or any other structure will look incredible, last longer and stay cleaner – this cleanliness applies to any nearby pools or hot tubs as well – without sacrificing the desired beautiful aesthetic of a natural thatch roof.

01 Fire Resistant

The number one reason to make the switch from atural to Endureed synthetic thatch is safety, specifically when it comes to fire resistance. Natural thatch is extremely concerning because the materials it’s composed of are naturally a fire hazard that require a chemical flame-retardant application every 2 years in order to reduce the risk of fire.

Untreated natural thatch can burn quickly if exposed to an electrical spark or any type of open flame. If your business is required to meet fire safety codes, or you simply want peace of mind knowing that your roof is more protected from fire with Class A fire-rated materials, Endureed products are the way to go since they are manufactured with safety in mind.

Backyard palapa with synthetic thatch at night.

02 Infestations

Natural thatch can attract unwanted insects, spiders, birds, bats, rodents, and more. To combat these unwelcome guests, owners of natural thatch roofs may need to fumigate with toxic chemicals, which adds an additional layer of required maintenance, cost, and unhealthy conditions.

Netting, galvanized wire, copper wire, or plastic is often applied to natural thatch roofs to deter rats, other vermin and birds from nesting in the ridges of the roof, and is also used to preserve the thatch towards the end of its lifespan. This practice adds cost to the project and is unappealing from a visual standpoint – you’re paying for the aesthetic after all, not the additional eyesore and upkeep!

Unlike natural thatch, pests aren’t drawn to synthetic thatch, so it is resistant against unwanted infestations. As a result, there is no need to treat Endureed engineered thatch with harmful chemicals to keep those pests away. Also, a synthetic thatch roof does not require the installation of any netting to deter critters from setting up camp, so you’re saving money in the long run!

Synthetic palm thatch gable.

03 Rot Resistant

Within a few months, natural thatch roofs can start to grow mold and mildew which could lead to rot and deterioration. This, in turn, could cause unhealthy conditions for inhabitants, especially those with breathing conditions such as allergies or asthma.

Endureed engineered thatch holds up against moisture, the elements and ultimately withstands the test of time (synthetic thatch can last for decades). And who doesn’t want to get the most out of their investment?


04 Longevity

Stormy weather aside, even normal weather conditions in some areas can cause a natural thatch roof to have a limited lifespan of only 2-3 years, and many need to be completely replaced every 8 years. This is in addition to the continued upkeep and maintenance mentioned earlier, so you’re looking at recurring costs that are not usually taken into consideration at the time of installation.

With a 20-year guarantee, Endureed engineered thatch is a wise investment since it doesn’t need to be treated, repaired or replaced like natural thatch does. It stands up to all types of weather and, when installed properly, is 100% rain, snow, hail and rot-proof. That’s a lot of weather protection! Endureed engineered thatch also has built-in UV protection, so it will not experience excessive fading due to the harsh conditions created by the sun, no matter how close you are to the equator or how many years go by. Endureed products are designed to be durable and are built to last.

Synthetic palm thatch roof at a resort.

05 Long Term Costs Savings

With no required maintenance, no special chemical treatments, and a sturdy design that comes with a 20-year warranty, Endureed engineered thatch is a quality, long-term investment that will ultimately save you both time and money. While a natural thatch roof may cost you less initially, once you figure in the cost for frequent chemical treatments, regular maintenance and other repairs, potential damage, as well as the near-term replacement costs; natural thatch will cost you far more in the long-run.

As an added bonus, Endureed products are also easier and take less time to install compared to natural thatch. You can easily get a return on your initial investment within a few years of installation!


06 Environmentally Friendly

Far from natural thatch materials which deplete resources in our environment, Endureed engineered thatch is an eco-friendly alternative that supports LEED Certification. Our products help reduce overall waste due to their longevity and durability. Endureed’s proprietary PVC and HDPE formulas do not degrade, so they won’t cause any toxic runoff, which can occur with chemically-treated natural thatch. Endureed roofing materials are 100% recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint. Needless to say, we are committed to both sustainability and durability!

Synthetic thatch palapa next to a pool under a colorful sunset.

07 Hurricane and Weather Resistant

Truth be told, natural thatch roofs often don’t hold up well in strong windstorms and are prone to leak when it rains. In fact, even normal weather conditions in some areas can cause a natural thatch roof to have a limited lifespan.

Meanwhile, Endureed engineered thatch can (quite literally) weather any storm.Whether you’re dealing with harsh tropical heats or frigid cold climates, our products hold up no matter what – and have we mentioned the durability factor? Endureed thatch is so strong, it can withstand up to category 5 hurricane winds!

When you choose Endureed engineered thatch, your roof will be strong and secure, will last decades, will be effortless to maintain, and will look gorgeous from installation on day one throughout many years to come.

Natural Thatch

  • Looks beautiful, exotic and natural
  • Depletes natural resources,
    requires chemicals to treat for fire
    resistance and insects
  • Often lasts only 2 – 8 years
  • Is a fire hazard
  • Can easily blow off in a storm
  • Will fade, losing its original color
  • Can leak in the rain and snow
  • Can mildew, smell and rot
  • Attracts bats, birds, snakes,
    rodents, insects and spiders –
    requires fumigating or netting to
    help prevent infestation
  • Time consuming, labor intensive to
  • Requires substantial maintenance
  • Can be difficult to source

Endureed Synthetic Thatch

  • Looks beautiful, exotic and natural
  • Zero waste, can be recycled and no
    chemicals are required which
  • Can last for decades, has a 20-year guarantee
  • Is Class A fire rated – flame resistant
  • Can withstand up to category 5 hurricane winds
  • UV stable for lasting color
  • Rain & snow proof
  • Doesn’t mildew, smell or rot
  • Is naturally infestation resistant to
    bats, birds, snakes, rodents, and
    insects – no fumigating or netting
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Does not require maintenance or
    post wind debris clean-up
  • Quality made in the USA with fast delivery

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When you choose Endureed engineered thatch, your roof will be strong and secure, will last decades, is effortless to maintain, and will look gorgeous from installation on day one throughout many years to come.

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