LEED Certification – Levels And Credit Categories

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Achieving LEED certification really can increase per-room-revenue for hotels and resorts. We discussed the research that indicated the increase in revenue for hotels, which doesn’t even take into consideration utility cost savings of increased efficiency, in a previous blog post. So, today, we summarize LEED Certification levels and categories. Even a local bed and breakfast or small business can often rake in the benefits of a LEED certification, so if you’re planning a business like these, consult with your architect or designer to see if LEED certification may be beneficial.

LEED Certification Credit Categories

It’s true that LEED certification credits vary across projects. Regardless of the project though, all LEED certification credits fall under the following categories:

  • location and transportation
  • sustainable sites
  • water efficiency
  • energy and atmosphere
  • material and resources
  • indoor environmental quality
  • innovation

Points Required By LEED Certification Levels

As you make sustainable and environmentally responsible choices of design, building materials and innovation, you earn points towards your LEED certification. For example, choosing an Endureed synthetic thatch roofing product can help towards reaching a new level. The number of points earned determines the level of LEED certification. The number of points required for each level is as follows:

  • 40-49 points: LEED Certified™
  • 50-59 point: LEED Silver®
  • 60-79 points: LEED Gold®
  • 80+ points: LEED Platinum®


As architects, builders and designers work together to gain certification under the LEED sustainable building program, every single point counts. Small choices towards sustainability add up quickly. So, when choosing thatch for indoor and outdoor use in your structure, choose Endureed products. We are proud to offer products that can help businesses earn LEED certification.

Our synthetic thatch saves small businesses, hotel and resorts significant money within the first few years over natural thatch. Additionally, our products help clients achieve LEED certifications or higher levels of LEED certifications.

Plus, our products are maintenance-free synthetic thatch. To learn more reasons why designers are choosing Endureed over the competition and over natural thatch, check out this previous blog post. Plus, click a product icon below to learn more about our various thatch roofing solutions:

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