Boost Hotel Revenue: LEED Sustainable Building Program

environmental sustainability

Resorts and hotels achieving certification under the LEED sustainable building program really do see increased revenue. Actually, these green hotels see a substantial increase in revenue per available room. We shouldn’t forget about the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research study entitled, “The Impact of LEED Certification on Hotel Performance,” by Matthew Walsman, Rohit Verma, and Suresh Muthulingam. Prof. Verma said that certification under the LEED sustainable building program definitely boosts hotel revenue. Their study, as you might recall, compared 93 hotels which earned certification under the LEED sustainable building program to 514 comparable non-certified hotels.

Obviously, since LEED certification encourages efficiency, a LEED-certified hotel saves money in operating costs in the long term. That went without saying. The study questioned whether LEED also could improve revenues for hotels. Of course, it absolutely does. We know that now. The LEED certification system wasn’t originally directed at hotels and resorts, but as it caught on, LEED scorecards included hospitality industry construction.

LEED Sustainable Building Program

LEED certification credits vary across projects. Still, all are organized under the following seven categories:

  • location and transportation
  • sustainable sites
  • water efficiency
  • energy and atmosphere
  • material and resources
  • indoor environmental quality
  • innovation

The number of points earned determines the level of LEED certification:

  • 40-49 points: LEED Certified™
  • 50-59 point: LEED Silver®
  • 60-79 points: LEED Gold®
  • 80+ points: LEED Platinum®

Choosing Score-Improving Materials

As architects, builders and designers work together to gain certification under the LEED sustainable building program, every point counts. That’s why when choosing synthetic thatch for indoor and outdoor use, Endureed is proud to be able to offer products that can help achieve that. Not only will our synthetic thatch save hotel and resorts significant money within the first few years over natural thatch, our products can help clients achieve LEED certifications or higher levels of LEED certifications. So, many of our clients enjoy the benefits of durable maintenance-free synthetic thatch, plus increased revenue per room thanks to the designation afforded by certification under the LEED sustainable building program.