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3 Tips for Choosing Thatch Roofing Material

Thatched roofs evoke stunning images of exotic destinations and casual relaxation and thatched roofing materials can transform any building into a luxurious getaway. Thatch roofing is a timeless design choice for many world-class resorts, homeowners, and other businesses because of its beautiful aesthetic. When it comes to choosing the right thatch roofing materials for your project, there are many options available. Selecting the most appropriate material for your project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. To simplify the process, we want to share three tips for choosing the best thatch roofing material to achieve a remarkable life like design.

Tip 01 Choose High Quality Thatch Roofing Material 

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When choosing thatch roofing material, look for high-quality and durable product so you can enjoy your beautiful roof without any worries and unplanned future expenses! While natural thatch is a traditional option, it is prone to degradation, weather damage, infestation and other risks.

Quality synthetic thatch roofing is made from recyclable PVC, or HDPE (high-density polyethylene) materials, which makes it a durable and versatile option for a variety of projects. Built to last for decades, synthetic thatch is designed to withstand the elements including rain, wind, snow and hail, without breaking down.

Quality synthetic thatch is also made with high concentrations of pigment to increase overall longevity. Plus, well-made synthetic thatch is designed to resist extreme UV exposure and will not fade over time like natural or poor quality synthetic thatch. By selecting high-quality thatch, you can protect your investment and enjoy a maintenance free roof. When buying thatch, investing in quality upfront will save you a significant amount of money over time.

Tip 02 Aim for Maintenance Free Materials


Once you install your thatch roof, you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining it. Your roof should provide peace of mind and security for you or your clients. By choosing maintenance-free quality thatch materials, you can eliminate issues like added fire risk, on-going shedding, infestations, as well as the need for frequent repairs or harmful chemical treatments.

To extend the life of a natural thatched roof, regular maintenance is required including pest control chemical applications, flame retardant applications, patching, and regular rethatching due to general wear and damage from the elements. Unlike natural thatch, synthetic thatch is maintenance-free and doesn’t require any special upkeep. Once you install your roof, you don’t have to worry about any of the routine care needed for natural thatched roofs. Choosing maintenance-free thatch roofing materials will provide decades of enjoyment and relaxation.

Tip 03 Explore Different Style of Thatch That Match Your Desired Design Aesthetic 


Unleash your creativity and explore different styles of thatch roofing materials to capture your design vision. By exploring various styles of thatch, you will capture your desired aesthetic perfectly. You can examine different colors, textures, palm, reed, and grass styles. No matter your preferences, there are a myriad of options available to achieve the look you want. Choosing your perfect style doesn’t have to be overwhelming, either. Here are a few thatch roofing styles to inspire you:

  • African Thatch – Encompasses traditional African style thatching while perfectly capturing the beauty of the stunning landscape. African style thatching is perfect for zoos, amusement parks, luxury homes and more!
  • Island-Style Thatch – A great way to create your own tropical paradise. There are many island-inspired thatches to choose from including palmleaf style, tropical grass, and more.
  • European Thatch – Historic and charming thatch designed to mimic the quintessential cottage style roofing. Ideal for historic renovations, luxury or mainstream homes, high-end resorts, and everything in between.

Start Exploring Your Options Today! Whether you are working on a new construction project, renovating a historic property or replacing a roof on an existing building, there are various thatch options that will enhance your project! If you are searching for high quality thatch roofing materials, explore all your options and consider our three tips for choosing the best materials to get a durable and authentic thatched roof!

Ready to start exploring your options? Endureed offers high quality thatch roofing solutions to replace natural thatch with the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Get the maintenance-free, durable materials that will enhance your structure for decades and start enjoying a thatched roof you will be proud of!

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