South Pacific synthetic thatch. Solar panels on natural thatch?

Solar panels on thatched roofs generally sounds like a bad idea, right? Perhaps the idea of solar panels on thatched roofs sounds like a poor idea, because natural thatched roofs typically can’t handle solar panels. See, the risk for natural thatched roofs and solar panels is that the thatch beneath the solar panels doesn’t get good air flow and rots.

Natural Thatch and Solar Panels

Asbestos specialists Man & Mach reportedly tried their hand at a solar panel system on a natural thatched roof, so it can be done. In order to do it though, they had to remove the original thatch below the system. They used a GSE Intégration in-roof system. It made sure that the thatched roof stayed intact around the panels. Yet, that’s a significant risk that many contractors and owners wouldn’t be willing to take. Generally, contractors avoid installing solar panels on natural thatched roofs.

Synthetic Thatch and Solar Panels

Synthetic thatch has numerous advantages over natural thatch. The waterproofing underlayment beneath synthetic thatch will seal around the screws used to install the panels just as it seals around the nails used to install the synthetic thatching. In general, our synthetic thatching has every advantage of normal shingles. Yet, it looks and feels like natural thatch.

Our thatch doesn’t discolor from UV exposure. So, even if the panels are uninstalled, there won’t be obvious color differences left behind. Our thatch doesn’t rot. Our thatch doesn’t let in pests. See, none of the reasons that people avoid this alternative energy source on natural thatched roofs applies to synthetic thatch.

Of course, our synthetic thatch seems too beautiful to ever cover up. The point is though, our roofing system performs better than natural thatch. Even in this situation.

If you’ve installed a solar panel system on a synthetic thatch roof, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re considering a synthetic thatch roof and a solar panel system, ask your contractor to check out Endureed today!


Author: Endureed