Regions Series Synthetic Thatch & Chemical Resistance

fire safety

Regions series synthetic thatch shingles feature extreme chemical resistance. You know that this can’t be said for all plastics. The specific formula for synthetic thatch shingles in our gorgeous Regions series makes for a shingle with chemical resistance superior to other types of plastics. This obviously includes general-purpose plastics like PE, PP or PS.

The main chain of the polymer in Regions series shingles is made by a single bond of carbon atoms. So, while we look at building materials like engineering plastics and specialty resins, we generally note a susceptibility to chemicals that are especially acidic or especially alkaline, right? This is not true for the thermoplastic resin formula in our Regions series products.

The formula of thermoplastic resin used in Regions series synthetic thatch shingles is so resistant to chemicals that it can be used for chemical storage tanks. It also features good mechanical properties. Plus, as discussed in yesterday’s blog post, which you can read here, Regions series synthetic thatch shingles also offer superior fire safety mechanisms.

These products are also 100 percent recyclable. To learn more about recycling these shingles, check out a previous blog post on the topic here.

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