Every product in Endureed’s Regions series is manufactured with a special formula that offers a multitude of safety features in the event of a structure fire. These safety features offer significant peace of mind for building owners.

Products Endureed’s Regions series are made using thermoplastic resins. The formula used to create the material in these synthetic thatch shingles affords the end user the following fire safety features:

  • Superior fire-retarding features that are unique among plastics.
  • Less radiant heat during combustion.
  • Less smoke in combustion compared to other building materials, resulting in less dangers from inhalation.
  • Lower generation of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide during combustion than even wood.
  • Insignificant to no production of flaming droplets or debris, reduces the spread of fire.
  • No generation of toxic hydrogen cyanide compounds during a fire.
  • Combustion doesn’t release aldehyde compounds.
  • Minimal hydrogen chloride that is released is less likely to cause people trapped in a fire to pass out.
  • Early release of strong odor allows for early detection of a fire, causing people to flee from danger and seek emergency help sooner.
  • In the event of a fire of extreme duration, the contribution of this formula of plastics contributes an insignificant level of toxins compared to vinyl or other products.
  • Exposure to extreme heat creates an expanded carbonaceuous structure (intumescence) that creates a thermal barrier protecting underlying parts of the structure below.
  • Self extinguishing properties that are unique among plastics.

Look, we frequently discuss how much greener Endureed’s products are than natural thatch now that natural thatch requires chemical flame retardant treatments. Yet, it’s also important for designers to realize that the fire safety features afforded by the materials in Endureed’s Regions series are also quite significant. This should be a strong selling point to any end user concerned about fire safety.


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Author: Endureed