Engineered thatch

7 Reasons to Switch from Natural Thatch to Endureed Engineered Thatch

Thatch roofing is a stunning design choice that instantly adds charm to any type of building, but what the thatch is made out


Synthetic Thatch Roofing Questions

Thinking about using synthetic thatch roofing materials for your next project? We understand dealing with thatch roofing can be overwhelming, which is why

synthetic water reed roof

Eco-Minded Consumers Prefer Endureed Synthetic Water Reed Roofs Rather than Natural Thatch Roofs

Water reed was a common roofing material for many centuries, because it was exceptionally durable. Water reed has always been the most durable


Localized Threats To The Unique Nipa Palm

Historically, thatched roofs in Thailand were virtually entirely made of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans Wurmb) leaves. These tropical palm leaves were once one


Is Natural Thatch Still Made of Green Roofing Materials?

Natural thatch might be one of the most eco-friendly green roofing materials if the growing, harvesting, and maintenance of it hadn't changed so


The Endureed Brand: Safe, Durable, Eco-Friendly Synthetic Thatch

The Endureed brand offers a safe, durable roofing system that delivers the beauty of natural thatching. Our products withstand hail and UV degradation


The Globe Theatre Fire: One Of The Most Famous Thatch Fires

The Globe Theatre in London was where Shakespeare’s playing company the Lord Chamberlain’s Men performed. The Globe Theatre was built in six months