Extreme Wind Resistant Thatch Roofing

Are you looking for thatch roofing that could pass even the strict requirements found in the Florida Building Code? As we discussed before,


“Can I Purchase Regions Synthetic Thatch Directly?”

People often wonder where they can buy Endureed's Regions series synthetic thatch shingles. After all, there is no re-seller locating page on our

synthetic water reed roof

Eco-Minded Consumers Prefer Endureed Synthetic Water Reed Roofs Rather than Natural Thatch Roofs

Water reed was a common roofing material for many centuries, because it was exceptionally durable. Water reed has always been the most durable


Fire Safety Features Of Regions Series Synthetic Thatch Formula

Every product in Endureed's Regions series is manufactured with a special formula that offers a multitude of safety features in the event of


Regions Series Synthetic Thatch & Chemical Resistance

Regions series synthetic thatch shingles feature extreme chemical resistance. You know that this can't be said for all plastics. The specific formula for


Architects Gain Freedom To Design Tudor-Style Structures With Somerset Thatch

VIVA BALI CAPETOWN KILIMANJARO SOMERSET KONA DOMINICA Tudor architecture originated in England more than 500 years ago.  This architectural style is obviously the


Two Ways To Recycle Endureed’s Regions Series Synthetic Thatch Shingles

Endureed's Region Series products are 100 percent recyclable. That's part of our commitment to ecology and sustainability. Realistically, our synthetic thatch shingles sit