Architects Gain Freedom To Design Tudor-Style Structures With Somerset Thatch

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Tudor architecture originated in England more than 500 years ago.  This architectural style is obviously the inspiration behind Tudor Revivals, or mock Tudors. A Tudor building had timber trim, steep roof lines, prominent cross gables, leaded-glass casement windows, jetties and ornate chimneys.

Thatched roofs were very common early in the Tudor era. Today’s mock Tudors are built with low-maintenance replacement materials, but traditional thatch is definitely not low-maintenance. Often architects have to make concessions with their artistic vision, because of client or regulatory limitations.

Barriers Preventing Architects From Incorporating Thatch

Look, you know that London didn’t ban thatch roofs until after the 1660s. You know that it’s the quintessential roofing material for the project. Right?

Of course. Yet, you also know natural thatch would never fly with clients. You wouldn’t design with cheaply made faux thatch. You know natural thatch are an insuring nightmare. Natural thatch and cheaply made fake thatch brings up permitting issues too. You know that. Plus, you know how expensive it would be to bring a master thatcher into your project.

Experience Design Freedom

Somerset-iconWe want you to have the freedom to follow your vision! What if, as an architect, you could design a Tudor-inspired structure complete with the early Tudor-era thatched roofs?

Endureed offers a product that perfectly mimics European thatching.

We call it, “Somerset,” and it will allow your vision for your project to soar. After all, jetties never look as gorgeous on a mock Tudor structure without thatch.

We have the barriers handled.

Utilize Superior Technology And Creative Freedom

Just think of how pleased your client will be to learn that your design included a roofing material with the following positive attributes:

Endureed synthetic thatch meets and exceeds building codes around the globe. It looks authentic.

Somerset shingles will be an easy sell to your client and will impress the fire inspector. Let your creativity (and the long term cost-savings) soar with Endureed synthetic thatch shingles.

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