wind uplift pressure considerations

We offer a 20-year warranty on our synthetic thatch products. Sometimes people ask us how we can be so sure of our products. Besides for certifications in industry standards, we have experience. See, we’ve been in business for two decades. When we started, we wanted to invest a synthetic thatch roofing system that looked authentic.

We knew we’d have to meet all modern building code standards. If we couldn’t, it’d defeat the purpose. We wanted thatch that any business or homeowner could use on virtually any structure. So, building codes had to be a caveat. We needed it to be maintenance-free. See, we knew that’d be a big draw from property owners. We wanted it to be wind-rated, so that contractors could feel confident. Plus, we wanted decades of durability and beauty. Guess what? We reached all our goals from two decades ago.

That’s right, it’s been two decades. And our first thatched roof materials look just as good today as they did when we sold them. See, that’s how we know we can confidently offer our clients a 20-year warranty.


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