the world’s best thatch. here’s proof.

Like Nature’s, Just Perfected.

Our premium, synthetic thatch roof materials look incredibly like natural thatch from around the world. But in every way, we improved on nature’s design.


The Best Synthetic Thatched Roof Materials in the World. Ours.

Our artificial thatch, recreated with modern roofing materials and designed to retain its appearance for decades, offers advantages you won’t find with other types of thatch. Whether you choose synthetic thatch roof material from Endureed’s Viva Series or our Regions Series, you’ll find that it’s the best possible choice for your next project.

  • Easy installation
  • 100% rain, snow, and mildew-proof
  • Impervious to insects, birds, and pests
  • Made from fire-retardant materials with a U.S. Class A fire rating and a U.K. AA fire rating
  • Resistant to wind up to 174 mph, Category 5 hurricane
  • Patented, stainless steel crimp binding


Artificial Thatch That’s Designed to Last

No other product matches the durability and quality of Endureed’s artificial thatch.

  • 20-year warranty against rot, decay, delamination, color-fade, and UV degradation
  • Withstands winds of up to 174 mph and Cat-5 hurricanes
  • Made from high-grade PVC compound
  • Features a U.S. Class A fire rating and a U.K. AA fire rating
  • 4,000-hour accelerated UV tested
  • PA 100-95 wind-driven rain tested
  • FMRC severe hail damage tested


Achieve Your Greatest Vision With Artificial Thatch

We preserved the extraordinary look and feel of master-crafted thatch while eliminating its natural shortcomings by creating the world’s best artificial thatch.

  • Amazing, lifelike designs
  • Base resins ensure true color, shape, and texture
  • Variegated assembly recreates nature’s subtleties and beauty
  • Appearance guaranteed for 20 years
  • Regional themes recreate traditional materials and techniques
  • Design customization available

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I have an architectural construction company in Hawaii and just completed a lobby addition for a hotel on the island of Maui and was stuck in permits. The synthetic thatch I chose could not pass the flame test at the fire department. Very shocked to see an A grade roofing material burn, stay burning and finally had to be extinguished in the fire department test. We tried Endureed and it passed burn test, only one out of 8 products! Plus it is by far the most convincing product of the lot.

-Mike, Architect in Maui, Hawaii

We finished all of our thatching projects and the quantity worked out perfectly, and we have enough leftover to continue on to redo a few small umbrellas and things. Everything looks great, there’s thatching everywhere!

-Ethan Fisher, Santa Ana Zoo

Thought you'd like to see how our project turned out up here in Charleston, SC. We are very, very happy with our roof.

-Dave and Kim Westberg

I have never been a fan of synthetic thatch as I always found it to look thin and unrealistic. Endureed worked with me to design a custom aged African style color blend for my new African Entry Village. The thatch looks completely realistic and I could not be happier with the end result. I would highly recommend Endureed thatch to anyone looking for a realistic synthetic thatch roofing option.

-Rick Schwartz, Nashville Zoo Director.