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3 Tips for Choosing Thatch Roofing Material

Thatched roofs evoke stunning images of exotic destinations and casual relaxation and thatched roofing materials can transform any building into a luxurious getaway.


Synthetic Thatch Roofing Questions

Thinking about using synthetic thatch roofing materials for your next project? We understand dealing with thatch roofing can be overwhelming, which is why


Why You Should Invest in a Synthetic Thatched Roof

What’s one of the most important components of any structure? HINT: If done correctly, it prevents the worry of risk or maintenance! Your


Synthetic Thatch Fireproof Roofing

One of the biggest factors to consider when using natural thatch is the risk of fire. Thatched roofs are more vulnerable to fire


The Benefits of Synthetic Thatch vs. Natural Thatch

Authenticity Durability  Are you ready to use Endureed for your next project? Contact a thatch roofing expert today at (866) 891-1509 or fill out


3 Reasons Highly-Successful Businesses choose Endureed

Sitting in the office of Rick Schwartz, President of the Nashville Zoo, one begins to understand his passion for his work. Hundreds of

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Pesadilla de halloween: murciélagos en tu casa de descanso

[embed][/embed] ¿Murciélagos en tu casa de descanso? ¡No es la mejor idea!  Ese fue el caso de esta familia, que al llegar a


Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs…Oh My!

As you caravan through grazing giraffes, splashing hippos and quaint African huts, you engage in the safari experience of a lifetime. However, you


How Our Family’s Dream Vacation Home Turned Into A Nightmare

Our nightmare started in April 2017 at our vacation house in Guatemala. A fire started at our neighbor's home and quickly passed to


Choosing Regions Series Thatch Shingles For Commercial Buildings

Designers of commercial buildings are choosing Endureed Regions Series synthetic thatch to appeal to the growing pool of eco-conscious consumers. The beauty and

Carriage House Roofing - Endureed Synthetic Thatch

How Long Does A Natural Thatched Roof Last On A Home?

You will hear people say that a thatch roof made of natural water reed will last four or five decades. That sounds impressive,


3 Thatch Roofing LIES!

We get it! You often try to incorporate thatch roofing in your design concepts, bids, or in your personal DIY projects. You’re either