How Our Family’s Dream Vacation Home Turned Into A Nightmare

flame retardant

Our nightmare started in April 2017 at our vacation house in Guatemala. A fire started at our neighbor’s home and quickly passed to ours. This was a home for our family to spend weekends, holidays, and to make memories in. 20 of our closest friends and family managed to run outside the house in time to watch the house of our dreams burn to ashes all because of the natural thatch roof we had.

That evening four houses burnt, and millions of dollars were lost. We alone lost more than $600,000. As we watched our natural thatched roof burn we knew installing natural thatch again was not an option. It took us a few months to begin rebuilding our dream house. Our search quickly went to synthetic alternatives for palm thatching. Almost everything we encountered looked horrible and had warranty or fire resistant qualities. We remembered a recent vacation, at Disney’s Hawaii Aulani Resort, where the hotel had palm thatch on nearly every roof. After researching we discovered it was a beautiful synthetic thatch roofing solution from Endureed. We requested a few samples and then as soon as we received them that this was what the safest and most beautiful option to rebuild with.

The team at Endureed helped us extensively by reviewing our original roof design to provide an exact quote. Never once did they try to oversell, as our order totaled 1,400 square meters. When the boxes arrived we didn’t know how to install it, but they walked us through every step providing quick access to installation videos and tips, it was incredibly fast!

Not only does our house look as beautiful as the day we built it, but we no longer need to spray harmful pesticides and especially NO MORE RISK OF FIRE! Feeling safe is priceless!!

– The Marsicovetere-Garcia Family

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