viva palm and engineered thatch on poolside buildings

VIVA Palm or Premium Engineered Thatch: Which Should You Choose?

At Endureed, our engineered thatch products are developed in-house in order to provide residential and commercial clients alike with the highest quality roofing

Engineered thatch

7 Reasons to Switch from Natural Thatch to Endureed Engineered Thatch

Thatch roofing is a stunning design choice that instantly adds charm to any type of building, but what the thatch is made out

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3 Tips for Choosing Thatch Roofing Material

Thatched roofs evoke stunning images of exotic destinations and casual relaxation and thatched roofing materials can transform any building into a luxurious getaway.


How to Win a Grandpa of the Year Award: VIVA Palm

At his home nestled in the beautiful mountains near Marinilla, Colombia, the owner of a large resort brought the familiar look of the


Hotel tropical de lujo encuentra una solución innovadora para ratas, murciélagos y serpientes

  Piensa en tu peor pesadilla como propietario de un hotel. ¿Fuego, huracanes,  infestación de bichos, roedores y serpientes? O aún peor… una


Luxury Tropical Resort Finds Innovative Solution To Rats, Bats, And Snakes

Think about your worst nightmare as a resort owner. Fire, hurricane, bug and rodent infestation, or maybe worse, negative customer reviews. One high-end


Extreme Wind Resistant Thatch Roofing

Are you looking for thatch roofing that could pass even the strict requirements found in the Florida Building Code? As we discussed before,

_Treehouse-Masters_show-logo-drl|treehouse masters viva|Treehouse Masters viva2|Viva palm Treehouse Masters

Watch For Endureed’s Viva Palm On ‘Treehouse Masters’

Endureed's Viva synthetic palm thatch is seen in the Season 11 premier of Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters! Obviously, we are so excited. Pete


UF Researcher Warns Of Caterpillars Decimating Tiki Hut Palm Fronds

New findings reported by experts at the University of Florida saw that caterpillars have not been found on living or dead leaves attached


Tropical Green Building Principles And Techniques

Heavy monsoons, hot summers and mild winters call for resource-efficient materials and building practices appropriately called "Tropical Green Building." When aligned with Tropical


Why Thatch Tiki Huts Are A Better Shade Option For Patrons Than Umbrellas

Patrons greatly prefer thatched tiki huts to umbrellas for shade while outside enjoying the fresh air and sun. Hotels, zoos, resorts and parks


Two Ways To Recycle Endureed’s Regions Series Synthetic Thatch Shingles

Endureed's Region Series products are 100 percent recyclable. That's part of our commitment to ecology and sustainability. Realistically, our synthetic thatch shingles sit