Why Thatch Tiki Huts Are A Better Shade Option For Patrons Than Umbrellas

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Patrons greatly prefer thatched tiki huts to umbrellas for shade while outside enjoying the fresh air and sun. Hotels, zoos, resorts and parks can offer unparalleled ambiance by setting the mood with a tiki hut as opposed to with umbrellas or any other form of cover.

A Better Shade

Did you know that the higher r-value of quality synthetic thatch like Endureed provides more shelter from the sun’s heat than even a shade tree? It’s typically five to 15 degrees cooler under a tiki hut than under an umbrella. That keeps patrons significantly more comfortable and less likely to become overheated or exhausted. That means they’ll be more inclined to participate in more activities like dancing or cocktails as the sun goes down.

Aesthetics & Ambiance

Synthetically thatched tiki huts offer an experience that patrons can’t create for themselves on a whim. They can go to the beach and pop up an umbrella or a sun shelter, but they can’t just pop up a tiki hut.

The ambiance of a tiki hut allow patrons to feel like they’re somewhere special, and that’s precisely the feeling that you want your patrons to experience while vacationing at your establishment. Plus, when your patrons sit under an Endureed-thatched tiki hut, on some level, they connect with their human history.

Really think about it. You know that a guest will be more excited to post a photo on their Instagram of themselves under a thatched tiki hut, piña colada in their hand, than under an umbrella with a piña colada in their hand. We all know this. That simple fact speaks volumes about why an Endureed-thatched tiki hut is a better choice for shade than anything else.

Why Successful Establishments Choose Tiki Huts With Endureed Thatch

Successful establishments choose tiki huts thatched with Endureed synthetic thatch for its realistic beauty and its durability. Because our thatch lasts decades, its the obvious, fiscally-superior investment. Hospitality and entertainment establishments that choose Endureed synthetic thatch save on product replacement costs and even maintenance costs compared to when they choose lesser quality competitors’ thatch, natural thatch, and umbrellas for their patrons’ shade needs.

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