UF Researcher Warns Of Caterpillars Decimating Tiki Hut Palm Fronds

Florida Product Approval

New findings reported by experts at the University of Florida saw that caterpillars have not been found on living or dead leaves attached to sabal palms as of late. Instead, they’re hatching from their eggs on top of the natural thatched roofs of Tiki huts in the state! Both Hypsopygia nostralis and Simplicia cornicalis have been damaging the natural palm thatched Tiki huts so badly that many people have been forced to completely replace them!

The suggestion way to combat these caterpillars to save Tiki huts from destruction is spraying chemical pesticides like Scimitar, Talstar, Tempo, or products to the palm fronds before assembling the roof. If the roof is already built, they suggest applying a Bacillus thuringiensis product or Spinosad to it. A concentrated spray is suggested. This practice seems worrisome and unnecessary.

While they noted that synthetic palm thatching is another option, we suggest this as the preferred material for Tiki huts in Florida to prevent damage from these caterpillars. Endureed makes environmentally-friendly, synthetic palm fronds that work perfectly for Tiki huts.

Pesticides Aren’t A Safe Or Permanent Solution To Thatch Pests

Look, this increasing problem of caterpillar infestation in Florida thatched roofs won’t go away. Eventually, as we always see with pesticides, the insects will become resistant to the chemicals. Plus, you commit yourself to regular applications, because the pesticides don’t stay where they’re sprayed. Eventually, they run off the roofs. Our soil and water is much to precious to risk greater exposure to chemical runoff just to fight a battle that we’ll eventually lose anyway.

Besides, it’s not cost effective to replace palm fronds so often. Nor is it cost effective to invest such significant time and money into pesticide applications.

Win The Battle Against Tiki Hut Caterpillars For Good


Don’t even bother with that ordeal! Instead, thatch your Tiki huts with Viva Palm. For many decades, Viva Palm shingles will look as beautiful as the day you install them. Moths won’t lay eggs on them, and caterpillars won’t get infested in them. (Plus, they’re flame resistant and never mold.)

While neighboring resorts (or just neighbors in general) spend their time battling Tiki hut caterpillars and other countless thatch pests, you can spend your time sitting in the shade of your perfectly thatched Viva Palm roof. It will look much nicer than the natural thatched Tiki huts, it will last longer than them, and it will cost you less in just a matter of years. As the years go by, your savings will just increase.

Fill out our easy, online Quick Quote form, and you’ll see for yourself how quickly the investment will pay off.

There is absolutely no reason for you to worry about caterpillars ruining your lovely outdoor living space. Install Endureed’s Viva Palm instead, and the battle against these insects will be over before it ever began.