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Watch For Endureed’s Viva Palm On ‘Treehouse Masters’

Treehouse Masters

Endureed’s Viva synthetic palm thatch is seen in the Season 11 premier of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters! Obviously, we are so excited. Pete Nelson is an incredibly talented, world-renowned treehouse designer and builder. Treehouse Masters documents the work he and his team of craftsmen create.

Nelson always uses a combination of science, innovation and art in order to realize his clients’ dreams. The team creates everything from peaceful one-room hideaways to incredible multi-bedroom treehouses with lavish kitchens and bathrooms too! Some of our favorite treehouses build by Nelson and his crew include a brewery, a spa retreat, and an Irish-themed cottage. The work is always incredible.

In the Season 11 premier of Treehouse Masters, Pete Nelson heads to Kauai. There he builds a sky-wave treehouse and works with two former professional surfers who ditched the bustle of life on the mainland.

So, watch the Season 11 premier of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. See this Hawaiian Island treehouse adventure unfold. Plus, please keep an eye out for Endureed’s Viva synthetic palm. They give us a shout out at 43 min mark! Then, let us know if you’d like to learn more about Endureed’s Viva palm shingles for one of your own projects.