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Protect From Wind Uplift: Durable Thatch With Patented, Stainless Steel Crimp Binding

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How to calculate roof pitch and height

Calculating Roof Pitch & Height

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UF Researcher Warns Of Caterpillars Decimating Tiki Hut Palm Fronds

New findings reported by experts at the University of Florida saw that caterpillars have not been found on living or dead leaves attached


Why Choose Endureed Synthetic Thatch?

Endureed is the world's #1 thatch roofing company. Our thatch is preferred by clients worldwide. You'll find Endureed synthetic thatch on structures around the


Fire Tests: Endureed Vs. Competitors

Fire safety matters to us, so our team put our Viva and Regions synthetic thatch products to the test. Our products were tested