Explaining The Environmental Cost Of Natural Thatch To Clients

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As a green building designer, you may encounter clients who want natural thatch on accessory buildings like tiki huts, gazebos or boat houses. Your clients may wrongfully assume that natural thatch is the most sustainable building material for accessory buildings on their grounds. Of course, you know that quality synthetic thatch is the greener option. Yet, how will you explain these environmental impacts of natural thatch to them?

Endureed Synthetic Thatch Is The Greener Roofing Material

As you know, natural thatch isn’t the most sustainable option for many reasons. Here are some important points to focus on while explaining this to your clients.

Non-Sustainable Harvests

More often than not, the materials used to make natural thatch (including palm leaves, water reed, grasses and fronds) aren’t harvested in a sustainable way. Many species of grasses and trees are on the verge of localized extinction. The extreme commercial demand has exploited and overused the plants. Plus, this exploitation has virtually decimated the soil and eco-system in some parts of the world. The more rare the plant species, the more it seems to be in demand.

Explain to your clients that you can offer them an identical look by using Endureed environmentally-friendly, synthetic thatch. Educate them on the variety of synthetic thatch shingles Endureed allows you to offer them. Let them know you can replicate an exotic or soothing ambiance replicatin thatch from all around the globe through the Endureed Regions series of products.

Costly, Frequent Chemical Treatments

Natural thatch is high maintenance. Natural thatch roofs are prone to fungal and mold attacks, pest invasion and fires. Keeping these issues in check requires regular intensive chemical treatments. These treatments alter soil microbiome and affect life forms in waterways. Explain to your eco-minded clients that a natural look shouldn’t come with such a significant cost to the environment.  When you offer them an Endureed roof, remind them that this green building material requires no such chemical treatments. Also, point out that the material in Endureed shingles is so incredibly stable and durable that it won’t create run off.

R-Value of Thatch

Endureed synthetic thatch saves on energy costs and keeps people more comfortable. Natural thatch has been considered to have good R-value, but Endureed synthetic thatch shingles are even more efficient.


Choose An Endureed Product To Show Your Clients

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As a building designer, you know that using a synthetic thatch by Endureed is not just cost-effective, and substantially easier to work with, it’s also the greener option. Now, if you still want more talking points, so that you can explain to you clients about the benefits of Endureed synthetic thatch, check out this previous blog post.