How many times have product specifications limited you as a building designer? You have breathtaking ideas for a hotel, resort or commercial building. Your vision could make the project stand out in the most amazing ways. Most likely, you got into your field with dreams of creating legacy-minded structures. With each project, you envision innovative, beautiful structures and hope to see them created in their full glory.

The truth is, you have to balance client needs against your own desire for design perfection. Right? Finding innovative solutions that will allow you, as a visionary building designer, gets challenging. We know this.

Products For The Visionary Building Designer

The scope of Endureed’s products is limited to aesthetically-pleasing, innovative, highly-functional, synthetic thatch roofing systems, so we can’t offer you innovative flooring, windows, etc.. Yet, because of our focus, we are able to offer you a variety of these thatch roofing products wide enough to give you complete creative liberty in thatch roof design.

Our product variety is so extensive that you are able to create nearly limitless custom shapes, designs, and styles when designing your projects’ roofs. With Endureed synthetic thatch, you will also be able to give your clients the peace of mind they need. You can offer them synthetic thatch shingles with a 20-year warranty. You can offer them gorgeous thatch made of fire retardant materials. Imagine their delight when they learn that the thatched roof structure you envision is actually an infestation-proof roofing solution! Now, you can design beautiful thatched roof structures without the stress of client or building code requirements. Endureed’s innovative design already has those requirements handled.

If you are committed to using innovative, beautiful green building materials in your designs, let us send you a sample of one of our environmentally friendly, synthetic thatch shingles today. Just fill out the form below!

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