Protect From Wind Uplift: Durable Thatch With Patented, Stainless Steel Crimp Binding

High Velocity Hurricane Zones

We’ve discussed wind uplift in previous blog posts. Wind uplift happens when high winds come into contact with a building and pit pressure against it by pushing the air upwards. In high velocity hurricane zones especially, quality roofing and installation is incredibly important to prevent wind uplift damage. If pressure builds beneath and it’s greater than the pressure above, uplift is created.

There are ways to protect roofs from uplift effects. Contractors remain vigilant to make sure they install roofs using quality products and follow specifications for installation. The system used, including any adhesives or fasteners is incredibly important. If even a part of a roof hasn’t been properly laid, wind can penetrate beneath various styles of roofing and tear it up from a roof.

Protect From Wind Uplift: Durable Thatch With Patented, Stainless Steel Crimp Binding 1Endureed shingles utilize a patented design that have manage to earn the Florida Product Approval. Our shingles feature a patented, stainless steel crimp binding. The binding system is a strong 23-gauge, grade 304 stainless steel. This crimp binding holds the natural looking synthetic palm or reeds to form panels or shingles of thatch. For our shingles, contractors are instructed to use a minimum of three roofing nails through the pre-punched holes in the unique binder strip. The synthetic palm and reeds are made from either a high quality PVC or HDPE compound.

Customer Feedback About Wind-Resistance

Check out some feedback we received over the years about how well our products stood up against high winds with potentially damaging wind uplift:

“I have an interesting story about the Endureed thatch. My son and I worked all day to install it on our Tiki Hut in our tropical gardens. The next day a tornado blew right threw our property. It downed 20 trees on our lot and our neighbor lost over 60 trees. Not a single shingle on the Tiki Hut was gone!”

-Shane B.

“I am writing to say that ever since we heard Hurricane Charley was going to hit Sanibel you have been on our mind. We braced for the worst knowing nothing can be done and hoped for the best. The entire structure was put to the test including your roof. You’ll be pleased to know that your roof product held up in the face of 140 mph winds. In fact, it looks even better now. If you want to take photos with the damages around the site as background with the roof structure and the roof intact for your records, feel free to contact us. Based on this test your product will be even more talk of the town I wanted.”

-David and Judy B.

Endureed’s Patented Design For Greater Resistance To Damaging Winds And Wind Uplift

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