Get Tax Relief On Your Business Property’s New Endureed Thatch Roof

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

At the end of last year, a change featured in the new tax law made it so that business owners could deduct the cost of a roof all in one single year. Seriously, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lets business owners recover costs on certain projects, including roofs. Business owners can avoid devaluation on capital investments with lifespans of 20-years or less. This is where our 20 year warranty works well. Obviously, roofs can outlast 20 years when constructed well with great products, but the tax law listed roofs as an included project.

The project is qualifying if the cost of the project goes to improve a structure used to conduct business. The new tax law is expected to bring tax relief to improve business through 2025.

Now, we sell amazingly durable roofing products, but we aren’t tax experts, so be sure to check in with your accountant. See, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this. So, we suggest getting tax advice to make sure you can take as much advantage of it as possible.


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