viva palm and engineered thatch on poolside buildings

VIVA Palm or Premium Engineered Thatch: Which Should You Choose?

At Endureed, our engineered thatch products are developed in-house in order to provide residential and commercial clients alike with the highest quality roofing materials. Our two primary types of engineered thatch are VIVA Palm and our Premium Collection, and while they share several similarities in their durability, performance, and longevity, they also have distinct compositions and aesthetic differences. 

Whether you’re discovering engineered thatch for the first time or if you’re just unsure which is the best type for you, this article stands as a comprehensive guide to our two primary types so that you can fully understand the differences and select the perfect option for your project. 

What is Engineered Thatch?

You’ve probably heard of thatch roofing before – it is one of the most common forms of roofing material used throughout thousands of years of human history due to its effectiveness and ease of access – in fact, there’s evidence that it may have been used as early as 8,000 BC! Using layered and densely woven natural vegetation (such as rushes, palm branches, water reed, and straw), thatch roofing creates a sturdy barrier against the elements with natural insulation and resilience against wind, rain, snow, and hail. 

Engineered thatch retains the beauty and aesthetic charm of natural thatch, but it is created using a proprietary blend of high-strength composite materials which are both fully recyclable and exceedingly durable. Whether you decide to invest in VIVA Palm thatch or the Premium Collection of engineered thatch, they are both backed by a 20-year warranty and are guaranteed to be fire-resistant (made of Class-A fire-resistant material), wind-resistant (able to withstand category 5 hurricane winds), pest-resistant, and rot-resistant. These roofing materials are of course able to withstand all types of precipitation, including snow, but the benefits don’t end with their durability. Both of our engineered thatch solutions look identical to natural thatch and they both come in unique designs in order to match desired aesthetic themes. 

Where is Engineered Thatch Used? 

Engineered thatch has been especially popular among coastal resorts and hotels, but it is also extensively used in zoos in the U.S. and even homes around the world. From SeaWorld and the Nashville Zoo to Four Seasons and Iberostar hotels and resorts, our engineered thatch products are perfect for commercial developments that seek the highest quality roofing materials in order to protect their employees and customers without having to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of their property. Our products look great and function flawlessly – it’s why we were trusted to bring the award-winning film called ‘See’ to life, featuring Jason Momoa. 

Beyond commercial developments, our products are used to great success in the residential sector as well. People who might be looking to upgrade their home to a place of peace, tranquility, and tropical paradise by re-roofing their house, pool area, grill area, or back patio can find great success with engineered thatch. Furthermore, Endureed’s sister company, TikiTops has an extensive offering of pre-built tiki bars and palapa kits that are great for any residential property. 

What is VIVA Palm Engineered Thatch?

Premium aesthetics meet affordability with this authentic, palm-style thatch. VIVA Palm is an engineered palm leaf formed into a textured shingle and then cut with a unique pattern to replicate the appearance of natural palm leaves. VIVA Palm is easy to install and comes in two color variations (new palm and weathered palm) so you can achieve your desired look.

Designed to withstand long-term UV exposure, fire, and the rigors of inclement weather, VIVA Palm is tropical beauty made easy with 20 years of guaranteed perfection, and it is constructed using a proprietary blend of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Versatile and simple, this high-quality and durable thatch can be used everywhere from backyard tiki huts to world-class resorts and everything in between. With VIVA Palm, you can create your own tropical paradise.

What is Premium Engineered Thatch? 

This collection has been carefully crafted with high-quality materials. This easy-to-install synthetic thatch can withstand extreme weather conditions and is fire resistant so you don’t have to worry about risk or maintenance. These styles are designed to capture the allure of natural thatch without any of the problems so you can enjoy your thatched roof worry-free for decades. Premium engineered thatch is made using a proprietary blend of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – the same material used in bulletproof vests, and it comes in regional varieties such as Cape Town, Kilimanjaro, Somerset, Kona, and Bali, so that you can match your property to any aesthetic theme that you desire. 

Which Should You Choose? 

When it comes to selecting VIVA Palm or the Premium Collection, it ultimately comes down to what’s most important to you. VIVA Palm is a wonderful product that is guaranteed to perform great while simultaneously being less expensive for those who are on a strict budget. Furthermore, if you’re interested in investing in the fantastic palapa and tiki bar products offered by TikiTops, VIVA Palm will be the engineered thatch used. On the other hand, if your goal is to achieve a pristine appearance that matches a particular aesthetic theme from a region of your choice, the Premium Collection will allow the most flexibility and customization. 

Whichever product you choose, you can rest assured that your engineered thatch will stand the test of time against extreme weather conditions and extensive use. If you have more questions about our different engineered thatch products or if you’re ready to take the first steps on your dream project, reach out to our team of experts to get started.