group of people holding a small plant to symbolize how engineered thatch promotes corporate sustainability

How Does Engineered Thatch Help Meet Corporate Sustainability Goals?

In recent years, many companies throughout the world are seeking ways to incorporate sustainable practices into their organization. This comes as no surprise

viva palm and engineered thatch on poolside buildings

VIVA Palm or Premium Engineered Thatch: Which Should You Choose?

At Endureed, our engineered thatch products are developed in-house in order to provide residential and commercial clients alike with the highest quality roofing

engineered thatch roof enduring harsh weather

Should You Install Engineered Thatch In Regions With Harsh Weather?

Regions of the world with harsh weather conditions need to take special precautions around the type of building materials they utilize. Especially considering

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Installing Solar Panels on a Thatched Roof

Composite Image | Solar Panel & Engineered Thatch In recent years, the world has experienced a growing concern for the environment and the

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Bring the Beach To Your Backyard With These Tropical Design Ideas

Who says you have to travel to have a beach vacation? You can bring the beach right to your own backyard with these

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The Top 6 Tips For Great Cabana Decor

You finally decided how you want to spice up your backyard: a cabana (though you might call it a palapa)! Why should you


Around the World With Endureed Thatch Roofing

Few things in life are as satisfying as a well-crafted thatch roof. There's just something about the way they look, and the way

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Roofing Trends for 2023

Roofing is just like anything else you might be in the market for—it goes through seasonalities, styles change, and trends emerge. With so

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How Long Does a Thatched Roof Last?

A thatched roof is a beautiful addition to any home. Not only does it add character and charm, but it also provides excellent


How to Win a Grandpa of the Year Award: VIVA Palm

At his home nestled in the beautiful mountains near Marinilla, Colombia, the owner of a large resort brought the familiar look of the


Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs…Oh My!

As you caravan through grazing giraffes, splashing hippos and quaint African huts, you engage in the safari experience of a lifetime. However, you


Magagascar Giant Palms On Verge Of Extinction

People too regularly think that natural palm thatch is environmentally friendly, just because it's compostable. The truth is, by the time it's sprayed