Estimated Price Of A New Roof

cost of a new roof

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you obviously would like to know an estimated price. Many will reach out to a roofing contractor with the size of their roof and expect to get a close estimate. Unfortunately, multiple factors go into pricing a roofing job. Reputable roofers will need to know more than the size of your roof.

A reputable roofer will stop by the location and take a look at the structure’s roof before giving you a quote. Why? Well, a number of factors go into determining the cost of a new roof.

They will need to know the pitch of your roof, and whether some areas have a different pitch. They will need to know what type of roofing material you want. Roofing contractors will check your roof for special features like chimneys, HVAC units, vents and skylights. They’ll also have to figure out labor and disposal costs for whatever roofing material you currently have on your roof.

Roofing Material Choices Impact The Price Of The Roof, Obviously

The materials you choose will affect the price of the roof. You probably already assumed this. But they will ask you about your choice of materials. Do you want to know the cost to have standard asphalt shingles replaced? Would you like a metal roof? Will you opt for Endureed’s durable, synthetic thatch shingles with a twenty year warranty? There are numerous materials to choose from, including types of underlayement. Some people don’t consider additional plywood costs, but reputable roofers will remind you of this upfront. If you need some of the decking replaced, that will cost extra.


If you’re opting for an Endureed synthetic thatch roof, because of the outstanding warranty and durability, please have your roofing contractor or general contractor contact us, so that their quote to you is the most accurate.

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