What is Endureed® Premium Thatch?

Endureed® Premium Thatch is a fully synthetic thatch roofing system. Endureed® is a shingle made of individual PVC reeds bound using our patented stainless steel binding system.

How is Endureed® installed? Does a special roofing contractor have to install it?

Endureed® Premium Thatch is very easy to install. The installation is very similar to a asphalt shingle roof. Most roofing contractors and even the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast can handle the installation.

How long will an Endureed® roof last?

Endureed® Premium Thatch has provided decades of maintenance free roofing. Endureed® has a 20 year warranty to protect it from fading, rot, and decay. Endureed® has proven to withstand extreme weather conditions as well. For testing data and warranty samples please click here.

Is Endureed® flammable?

Endureed® recieved a Class A Fire Rating and a British Class AA. Endureed® is non flammable and has received praise from a Hawaiian Fire Department who had recently tested 8 synthetic thatch products and only Endureed® earned a passing grade.

Do I need to install netting to protect it from wind or birds?

No. Endureed® has a 140 mph wind uplift rating and has survived hurricanes and tornadoes. Birds, rodents, and insects are not attracted to Endureed® what so ever.

Can it be applied in all weather?

Yes! Many customers have used Endureed® in heavy snow areas as well as tropical areas, too.