Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs…Oh My!



As you caravan through grazing giraffes, splashing hippos and quaint African huts, you engage in the safari experience of a lifetime. However, you are not in sub-Saharan Africa on this journey—you are at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

A recent project at the San Diego Zoo incorporated 10,000 square feet of Endureed’s Capetown thatch serves as an addition giving the Safari Park an authentic African atmosphere. Capetown thatch is a coarsely textured and lengthy reed that has the look and feel of African Yellow Grass, replicating true African style thatching.

Yellow Grass usually grows in sandy soiled grasslands with excessive rainfall, and as a natural grass, is susceptible to decay, infestation and fire. Endureed’s Capetown has been engineered to have the same look and feel, but with the ability to endure a variety of climates. This thatch is durable, weather and fire resistant, and can be made in custom color to match aged looks that add to the environment surrounding our product.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park hopes to continue adding to their experience with projects like this in the future. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with this project as we were able to add to the African experience of the park. The African culture surrounding this architecture is something we are happy to help preserve.

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