Will Phthalates Run-Off My Roof If I Use Synthetic Thatch?

Natural Thatch

South Pacific synthetic thatch. Solar panels on natural thatch? Will Phthalates Run-Off My Roof If I Use Synthetic Thatch?Health cautious consumers think of plastics and they quickly think of phthalates. Actually, phthalates are found in thousands of products. They are all around us.

Should you be cognizant of these chemicals on children’s toys and food packaging? Many consumer watch dog organizations feel that you actually should be cautious.

Still, they can also be found in soaps, nail polish, hair sprays,  shampoos, and perfumes. Should you worry about those items? Some say you should be worried, others say they pose absolutely no dangers when use as reasonably intended.

Look, it’s important to be aware that phthalates are a large and diverse family of chemical substances, just as plastics are incredibly diverse. Within this large, diverse family, there are different hazard classifications.

That said, Endureed’s Regions series synthetic thatch is made of an incredibly stable, thermoplastic. They offer no danger of chemical run-off.

No Dangers Of Run-Off With Endureed

Our shingles don’t even degrade from decades of UV exposure. Our thermoplastic maintains it structure, meaning it does not contribute to run off.

It does not contribute to disrupting the soil microbiome of your grounds and it does not cause dangerous chemicals to leech into the water supply. It actually features significant chemical resistance too. So, our synthetic thatch does not cause run off, unlike lesser quality plastics and chemically-treated natural thatch.

Phthalates are all around you. Rest assured though, if you choose our synthetic thatch, you won’t have to worry about run off. Endureed takes environmental stewardship very seriously. We have chosen our formula carefully and responsibly.

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