“Can I Purchase Regions Synthetic Thatch Directly?”

People often wonder where they can buy Endureed's Regions series synthetic thatch shingles. After all, there is no re-seller locating page on our


Will Phthalates Run-Off My Roof If I Use Synthetic Thatch?

Health cautious consumers think of plastics and they quickly think of phthalates. Actually, phthalates are found in thousands of products. They are all around


What About Manufacturing Workers’ Exposure To Thermoplastics?

When people think of plastics, they often associate negative health risks. This is true of some types of plastics even still. As we've


Choosing The Right Endureed Product For Your Project

Endureed synthetic thatch roofing materials satisfy the needs of virtually and roofing or covering need. Whether you want a simple thatched umbrella for


Regions Series Synthetic Thatch Replicates Reed, Grass & Frond Thatching From Across The Globe

The Endureed Regions Series of thatched roof material lets building designers recreate the look, color, and feel of native natural thatches from any region of

synthetic water reed roof

Eco-Minded Consumers Prefer Endureed Synthetic Water Reed Roofs Rather than Natural Thatch Roofs

Water reed was a common roofing material for many centuries, because it was exceptionally durable. Water reed has always been the most durable


Fire Safety Features Of Regions Series Synthetic Thatch Formula

Every product in Endureed's Regions series is manufactured with a special formula that offers a multitude of safety features in the event of


Localized Threats To The Unique Nipa Palm

Historically, thatched roofs in Thailand were virtually entirely made of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans Wurmb) leaves. These tropical palm leaves were once one


Why Thatch Tiki Huts Are A Better Shade Option For Patrons Than Umbrellas

Patrons greatly prefer thatched tiki huts to umbrellas for shade while outside enjoying the fresh air and sun. Hotels, zoos, resorts and parks


Two Ways To Recycle Endureed’s Regions Series Synthetic Thatch Shingles

Endureed's Region Series products are 100 percent recyclable. That's part of our commitment to ecology and sustainability. Realistically, our synthetic thatch shingles sit


Why Choose Endureed Synthetic Thatch?

Endureed is the world's #1 thatch roofing company. Our thatch is preferred by clients worldwide. You'll find Endureed synthetic thatch on structures around the


Get A Beautiful Thatched Roof Without The Insurance Hassles

Many people give up their dream of owning a thatched roof, because natural thatched roofs come with insurance hassles. Insurance companies charge extra