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The Endureed Regions Series of thatched roof material lets building designers recreate the look, color, and feel of native natural thatches from any region of the world. These durable, cost-effective roofing materials are unmatched by any other brand. They meet and exceed building code standards everywhere. Plus, they allow building designers to offer clients an attractive, natural-looking product that stands the test of time.

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Regions Series Products:


Capetown is a synthetic trimmed, coarsely textured, longer reed. It replicates African Yellow Grass or “Cape Reed” that replicates the typical African style thatching.


Kilimanjaro is a syntehtic heavy reed replicating a traditional weathered, Tanzanian cape reed roof.


Somerset is a closely tapered,  slightly weathered looking synthetic thatch shingle. It replicates a typical, hand trimmed European thatching.


Kona is a combination of synthetic wide leaf and smaller grass reed. It replicates the look of Hawaiian “Pili Grass” and Asian Alang-Alang grass thatching.


Dominica is a synthetic palm leaf style thatching. It replicates palm leaves commonly used in tropical regions throughout the world.


Bali is a finer, loosely tapered, slightly longer shingle designed to resemble the appearance of East Asian grass thatching.

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Green building designers from around the world love our synthetic thatch. Regions series synthetic thatch shingles feature extreme chemical resistance and extreme fire resistance. They are all efficient and 100% recyclable and come with a 20 year warranty.

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