Choosing The Right Endureed Product For Your Project

Endureed synthetic thatch roofing materials satisfy the needs of virtually and roofing or covering need. Whether you want a simple thatched umbrella for your backyard or you need to roof an entire hotel, our products will outperform the competition. Plus, our products are so fire-resistant and chemically stable, you can even use them indoors.

We’d love to help you choose the right product for your specific needs. We offer a variety of products in addition to our VIVA Series economical synthetic palm thatch. The following products replicate thatch from all around the world:

Somerset-icon-150x150 Kona-icon-150x150 Dominica-icon-150x150 Capetown-icon Bali-icon-150x150 Kilimanjaro-icon


Somerset features a closely tapered,  slightly weathered appearing shingle. Our Somerset product replicates a typical, hand trimmed European thatching.


Kona features a combination of wide leaf and smaller grass reed. Kona shingles look like Hawaiian “Pili Grass” and Asian Alang-Alang thatching.


Dominica features a synthetic palm leaf style thatching. Dominica replicates the look of palm leaves that are commonly used in tropical regions throughout the world.


Capetown offers a trimmed, coarsely textured, longer reed. It’s modeled after African Yellow Grass or “Cape Reed” and replicates the typical African style thatching.


Bali shingles are a finer, loosely tapered, slightly longer shingle. They were designed to resemble the appearance of East Asian grass thatching.


Kilimanjaro is a heavy reed replicating a traditional weathered, Tanzanian cape reed roof.

We’d love to show you how Endureed can provide you with your perfect synthetic thatch product. To learn more reasons why designers are choosing Endureed over the competition and over natural thatch, check out this previous blog post. Plus, click a product icon below to learn more about our various thatch roofing solutions: