Regions Series Synthetic Thatch Replicates Reed, Grass & Frond Thatching From Across The Globe

The Endureed Regions Series of thatched roof material lets building designers recreate the look, color, and feel of native natural thatches from any region of

synthetic water reed roof

Eco-Minded Consumers Prefer Endureed Synthetic Water Reed Roofs Rather than Natural Thatch Roofs

Water reed was a common roofing material for many centuries, because it was exceptionally durable. Water reed has always been the most durable


Regions Series Synthetic Thatch & Chemical Resistance

Regions series synthetic thatch shingles feature extreme chemical resistance. You know that this can't be said for all plastics. The specific formula for


Flame Retardants Like Those On Natural Thatch Metabolized By Bald Eagles

As a green building designer, you probably are aware that many companies that treat natural thatched roofing materials with flame retardants have moved


Explaining The Environmental Cost Of Natural Thatch To Clients

As a green building designer, you may encounter clients who want natural thatch on accessory buildings like tiki huts, gazebos or boat houses.


Architects Gain Freedom To Design Tudor-Style Structures With Somerset Thatch

VIVA BALI CAPETOWN KILIMANJARO SOMERSET KONA DOMINICA Tudor architecture originated in England more than 500 years ago.  This architectural style is obviously the


Exploited Palms Used In Natural Thatching On Verge Of Extinction

Did you know that of the 204 known palm tree species in Madagascar, 98 percent don't grow anywhere else in the world? It's


India’s Eco-Friendly, Maintenance-Free Plastic Roads

In Dubai, the government has committed to a massive plastic recycling program that has resulted in maintenance-free plastic roads! Currently, a new green


What Is Xeriscaping?

One of the coolest design trends we saw really take off in the past 12 months is xeriscaping. Maybe you're asking yourself, "What's


What Is Daylight Harvesting?

Daylight harvesting is a very simple way to efficiently manage energy use within buildings. Last year, daylight harvesting gained popularity among green building


Incorporate Thatched Roofs When Designing Wellness Centers

Wellness centers demand a certain aesthetics of design and architecture. The ambiance must set a tranquil mood to allow clients respite from the


Localized Threats To The Unique Nipa Palm

Historically, thatched roofs in Thailand were virtually entirely made of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans Wurmb) leaves. These tropical palm leaves were once one