One of the coolest design trends we saw really take off in the past 12 months is xeriscaping. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What’s xeriscaping?” Well, xeriscaping is a trend in landscaping that changes everything. It’s a green design trend that is preferable to traditional landscaping among eco-minded designers and their clients.

Xeriscaping is a landscaping practice that helps with water conservation and encourages healthy soil. It’s not just eco-friendly though, it’s easier and cheaper too! It wasn’t long ago that high-maintenance ornamental plants were impressive to almost everyone. Today’s consumers are getting smarter about ecology though. When eco-minded consumers see sprinklers watering fertilized grass, they aren’t impressed. When they see exotic, blooming trees receiving a pesticide application, they get disgusted! High-maintenance, water-intensive landscaping is becoming increasingly passé.

Today’s eco-minded consumers like to see native trees, flowers, and grasses on commercial and municipal properties. Why? Native plants require less water, less fertilizers, and less pesticides. This trend is actually a huge blessing to property owners. Now, more than ever, entire areas of commercial and municipal grounds can feature plants that require less monetary investment.

Xeriscaping is a landscaping practice with the goal of extreme conservation. It leads to biodivesity of micro-fauna. Businesses and municipal entities choosing xeriscaping also cut back on water, energy and landscaping costs. This is good news for the planet, native animals, and the bank account.

Consumers are demanding environmental stewardship. Consequently, businesses that incorporate environmentally responsible design and practices are reaping the benefits every step of the way. Green design practices save business owners money on maintenance costs and increase revenue too.  There is virtually no reason not to move closer towards green design practices. Everyone wins.

Endureed Synthetic Thatch Roofing: A Green Building Material

Endureed produces an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional thatching that’s 100 percent recyclable. As with xeriscaping, our thatch offers numerous environmental benefits and is an excellent financial investment too. Plus, our synthetic thatch helps buildings earn their LEED certifications. LEED certification has been shown to increase per-room revenue among resorts and hotels.

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