Daylight harvesting is a very simple way to efficiently manage energy use within buildings. Last year, daylight harvesting gained popularity among green building designers seeking to utilize natural sunshine. Now, “daylight harvesting” has become a standard term in the fields of green architecture and lighting.

Daylight harvesting reduces overhead lighting use by taking advantage of ambient light. Dimming is enforced when a light level sensor determined that the optimal level of light is already achieved. This greatly reduced the amount of energy consumption.

All systems employed for daylight harvesting uses a light sensor (also called a photo sensor) to detect light level in the area. Photosensors adjust electric lighting based on the amount of light in the space.

Daylight Harvesting With Open-Loop Systems

With open-loop systems, photosensors only detect the amount of available daylight.

Daylight Harvesting With Closed-Loop Systems

With closed-loop systems, photosensors detect the total amount of light from daylight and other sources within a space.

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