perfect thatch for a wellness center

Wellness centers demand a certain aesthetics of design and architecture. The ambiance must set a tranquil mood to allow clients respite from the hectic energies of today’s modern world. A synthetic thatch roof is among the easiest, most beautiful ways to help set the mood. Just seeing a thatched roof helps people relax and get in touch with their humanity.

Quality synthetic thatch like Endureed’s Regions Series is indistinguishable by visitors and clients from natural thatch. A synthetic thatch roof needn’t be reserved for outdoor amphitheaters and gazebos though. Because of its design, roofs of any shape and virtually any pitch work with Endureed synthetic thatch shingles. That’s not true of natural thatching, which requires a steeply pitched roof.

Reasons Endureed Is Perfect For Wellness Centers

There are several reasons designers choose Endureed synthetic thatch for buildings requiring superior, natural aesthetics and environmentally-responsible, green building materials. Here are just a few:

Choosing The Perfect Thatch Shingle For Your Project

Once you’ve decided on Endureed eco-friendly synthetic thatch when designing a wellness center, you only need to decide which region of the world offers the perfect style of thatch for your unique design. Click a product below to learn more about the variety of synthetic thatch available for your wellness center roofing plans.

Viva-palm-series Kilimanjaro-series Dominica-series Kona-series Somerset-series Capetown-series Bali-series

Author: Endureed