fire resistant thatch roof fire test

Global Innovation fire tested four different synthetic thatch roof products back to back. The last two fire tests completed were on our Viva and Regions products.

We can tell you how well our products perform in fire tests, but that isn’t the same as actually seeing how well our products perform. When you see the results for yourself, we know you will choose Endureed synthetic thatch for your next thatched roof project.

See how our original synthetic thatch roofing solution did in the video below.

Competitor #1’s Fire Test Results

When the flame was shut off, the first competitor’s thatch was still burning. In fact, for another half a minute, this other product continued to burn.  Not bad. Right? Some people might be impressed that the fire fizzled out in under a minute, but that kind of fire proofing is not good enough for Endureed.

Competitor #2’s Fire Test Results

When the second fire rated competitor’s product was put to the fire test, even nearby material that wasn’t directly exposed to the flame actually caught fire! Some of the material began to melt and fall. In a real building fire, that would mean a potentially deadly disaster. You can even see how part of the thatch that had melted away was still burning on the grass after it fell. Then it continued to burn. And burn. Terrifyingly, this competitor’s product continued to burn for over three and a half minutes after the fire source had been turned off. Even the piece of the roofing material that had fallen to the ground continued to burn!

Viva By Endureed’s Fire Test Results

When put to the same fire test, no flame remained after just five seconds on our Viva synthetic thatch product. It did not lose integrity and melt off of the rest of the “roof.” The flames didn’t linger.

Regions By Endureed’s Fire Test Results

When our Regions synthetic thatch was fire tested, the material was a replica of very thin thatch. Though our synthetic thatch was even thinner than the first competitor’s synthetic thatch, our product still performed better. After 11 seconds from when the fire source was turned off, the flames were out.

An architect in Maui once wrote a testimonial about Endureed synthetic thatch after the synthetic thatch that the architectural construction company he was at failed the local fire department’s flame test. It was reportedly a shock for them to see what was coined an “A grade roofing material” burn, stay burning and end up having to be extinguished by the fire department. That’s when they reached out to Endureed for a sample.

“Passed burn test, only one out of 8 products! Plus it is by far the most convincing product of the lot,” the architect wrote of the Endureed product that the architectural construction company requested.

Look, maintaining outstanding insurance against fires can’t bring back precious items of sentimental value or human lives. Choosing a roofing material that outperforms the competition in fire tests matters. Contact Endureed or have your contractor contact Endureed today to learn more about our incredibly flame resistant synthetic roofing material. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch awesome videos of our product tests, installation guides, and much more.

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