Benefits Of Green Building Strategies

When designers integrate green building strategies into their projects, they maximize environmental performance. Plus, they maximize economic performance. Plenty of other benefits also


LEED Certification – Levels And Credit Categories

[caption id="attachment_7142" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Somerset-1024x355[/caption] Achieving LEED certification really can increase per-room-revenue for hotels and resorts. We discussed the research that indicated the


Choosing Regions Series Thatch Shingles For Commercial Buildings

Designers of commercial buildings are choosing Endureed Regions Series synthetic thatch to appeal to the growing pool of eco-conscious consumers. The beauty and

Carriage House Roofing - Endureed Synthetic Thatch

How Long Does A Natural Thatched Roof Last On A Home?

You will hear people say that a thatch roof made of natural water reed will last four or five decades. That sounds impressive,


Prevent Hail Damage To Roofs With Durable Synthetic Thatch

What’s the Best Roof to Prevent Hail Damage? Synthetic thatch is a durable roofing material that is an exceptional alternative to asphalt shingles,


3 Thatch Roofing LIES!

We get it! You often try to incorporate thatch roofing in your design concepts, bids, or in your personal DIY projects. You’re either


Hurricane Damage? How To Build Stronger Roofs In Tropical Areas

The Secretary of Homeland Security visited Hawaii on Thursday, a week after Hurricane Lane began pounding Hawaii island. More than 3,900 FEMA workers


“Can I Purchase Regions Synthetic Thatch Directly?”

People often wonder where they can buy Endureed's Regions series synthetic thatch shingles. After all, there is no re-seller locating page on our


What Is Green Building?

Green building is a term to describe sustainable building practices. Green builders use healthier more resource-efficient models of construction and renovation. It's a


Will Phthalates Run-Off My Roof If I Use Synthetic Thatch?

Health cautious consumers think of plastics and they quickly think of phthalates. Actually, phthalates are found in thousands of products. They are all around


What About Manufacturing Workers’ Exposure To Thermoplastics?

When people think of plastics, they often associate negative health risks. This is true of some types of plastics even still. As we've


Regions Series Materials Help Conserve Natural Resources, Fight Climate Change

We've discussed why Endureed's Regions series products are the greener choice when compared to natural thatch in multiple previous blog posts. We haven't mentioned